Boxers have many many wonderful characteristics but they are not for everyone.  They are strong dogs and can be fairly large dogs, weighing up to 90lb and more.  Obedience training  and socialization is important. The boxer breed unfortunately can have some serious health issues including cancer, cardiomyopathy and hypothyroidism.  Should you decide to purchase a boxer, please choose a responsible ethical breeder. You usually won't find these breeders advertising in the newspaper. 

There are numerous boxers in rescues and shelters that are in need of forever homes.  Many of these boxers are house trained, crate trained and have some obedience training.  Most rescues screen their boxers and can match the perfect boxer to your lifestyle and family. If you are considering a boxer, please research the breed thoroughly and be prepared to add a family member not just a dog.


Please check the links and groups below to learn more about the Boxer!


Forums & Email Lists...          

BoxersRule Forums  Learn about boxers from people that have boxers, share experiences, information and pictures of your boxers.

Boxer Friends  Member only group dedicated to the boxer breed.


General Information

American Kennel Club  Information concerning all purebred dogs.

American Boxer Club    Specific information concerning Boxers, including genetic diseases and health articles as well as listings of local boxer clubs.

Boxer-Dogs  General resource of breeders, rescues, and clubs, including a selection of pictures of Boxers and informational links.

Queensland Boxer Club  Information on health, training and rescues.  Located in Queensland, Australia.

Dog-Breeds Provides information on care and training for all dogs as well as specific information about boxers.

Training Resources

Colleen Paige Professional Dog Trainer.  20 years of experience-Advice over the phone - Dog Training Book - Put an end to barking, jumping, biting, chewing, digging etc.

Rescue Organizations 

American Boxer Rescue Association  A list of boxer rescues that are recognized by the ABRA.

Boxer Angels Rescue Serving the northeast-mainly NY, NJ, CT and PA

        Contact: Tina 1-877-598-7751

The Boxer Map  This site is a resource for those looking for a boxer as well as the current  boxer owner.

Helping Hands for Boxer Rescue  Located in Hawseville, KY

Lone Star Boxer Rescue  Based in Houston, TX.

Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue  Serving middle and east Tennessee.

 NorCal Boxer Rescue Serves Northern California and the Central Coast

Northeastern Boxer Rescue Serves the northeastern USA

Rockin' P Rescue  Serving Alabama & Georgia

Southern Idaho Boxer Rescue  Located in Kimberly, Idaho

WA State Boxer Rescue  Serves Tri-Cities area, Washington state.   

      Contact: Terrie 509-588-3480 or Email:   WA Boxer Rescue